Our vision



It is important at the very outset of our training, to ask two questions:


  • Why am I part of Bhakti Marga?
  • Why have I chosen to serve in the organisation? 


To answer these questions, you may consider what you believe, what you want to achieve in life, or what the organisation gives you. 


Take time to answer the first question now. 

Write your answer here


Now think about the second question

Write your answer here


The answers to these two questions will indicate what you believe about life, and what you value, what is important to you. Please make time to share and discuss your answers with someone else in your Sangha because sharing our beliefs and values brings greater clarity for us and inspires others. Shared purpose also helps a team work together, since it makes it clear that in our differences, we are all aiming in the same direction. 


Once you have considered your answer to these questions, it is important to see if your beliefs, values and purpose, align with the beliefs, values and purpose of our organisation as contained in our Vision: 


Bhakti Marga Vision
We envision a global community of individuals who aim to achieve God realization through the grace of Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda. 


This is the Vision which drives our whole organisation, so it is important to understand it in a little more depth.  Listen to Swami Revatikanta explain the key points of theBhakti Marga Vision to us.



Swami Revatikanta draws out several key points which are central to what we believe as an organisation. 


Write down 5 of the key points he makes here







His points lead to three important questions:


  1. Do I believe that God realisation is possible?
  2. Do I believe that I can achieve it through Guruji’s grace? 
  3. Do I want to be part of a global community who believes the answer is yes to both these questions? 


Can you answer yes to all three of these questions?


If yes, continue to the next lesson.
If no, it is important you talk with someone in your team, to find out if you are indeed ready to serve Guruji’s mission. This is not a matter of right or wrong, but ensuring you are making the best choice for you and for your Sangha. You still may find you want to serve, but a discussion with your BMCC iis strongly recommended so that everyone is clear on purpose. This helps avoid future difficulties that may arise.