Paramahamsa Vishwananda frequently shares stories about saints and bhaktas whose lives have been transformed by the love of guru and God. He also encourages us to share our experiences. Stories bypass the mind and speak directly to the heart. When shared with gratitude and love, your own story may just help someone to open their heart and inspire them to change their life for the better.

If an experience has changed your life, especially, if that experience has transformed you, then it is important to share it with others.
– Paramahamsa Vishwananda


We are collecting stories to let the world know about the beauty and power of Guruji’s divine Love. If His miraculous grace has enriched your life, please share your story so we can share it with others. Check out some of the stories we’ve shared so far.


If you have a great story, but you aren’t sure how to best tell it. Check out this free online course in your Bhakti ID.

  • Log into your Bhakti ID
  • Click on My Courses
  • Scroll down to find “The Art of Experience Sharing” then click on Enrol Now


Use the form below to structure your story, providing as many relevant details as the space allows. Please focus your attention on how Guruji’s miraculous grace has transformed your life. Perhaps it was a remarkable darshan moment, an unbelievable chance encounter, a miracle, or a profound healing. Whatever it was, we’d like to know about it.
Keep in mind that these stories will be read by others and so they should be written in a clear, simple, and interesting way. Submit as many stories as you like, one per form. While English is preferred, you may also write in your language.

STORIES: Has Guruji Changed Your Life? Tell Us How!