Simple Puja Course

45,00 incl. MwSt

This course is delivered by Swami Keshava in a beautifully shot set of videos which take you ‘one-by-one’ through 35 steps of the puja ritual. The videos total 3 hours in length with the required mantras on to the screen as they are chanted. There is also a final run-through of all the steps so you can see how Swami Keshava does the puja uninterrupted. You can recap any step, any time.

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The beauty of the Vaishnava path is the myriad ways to focus on God as the worthy object of worship, adoration and love. We offer ourselves to Sriman Narayana so that we can build a relationship with Him and reveal the unending bliss of our eternal relationship with Him.

The Simple Puja ritual brings together intention, offerings of flowers, perfume, food, light, and mantras to fix the mind on the One who is within everything and beyond everything.