Jai Gurudev!
This registration form is only for those who are interested in becoming teachers of the Devotional Arts (painting) Arm of Bhakti Marga.

Please NOTE: this is the registration form for the online option of the Training.

Prerequisites for registering for the Teacher Training:

– be an initiated devotee of Paramahamsa Vishwananda.
– hold an active interest in devotional arts (painting) and knowledge about lineage, deities and bhakti tradition as a whole.
– have a sincere wish to spread Devotional Arts (Painting Meditation) and the teachings of Paramahamsa Vishwananda.
– be prepared to teach, the Painting Meditation courses with the Sri Yantra and other deity groups. Support others in deepening their joy in creative expession combined with knowledge.
– have a collaborative mindset, being prone to working together with other teachers, devotees and followers in your country.

Training Syllabus for Devotional Arts Arm Teacher:

The preparation period leading you to the 1-week live teacher training will include individual support on request to Swamini Dakshini.

All approved candidates need to have particpated in all following course modules:


List of courses:
Śrī Yantra Painting Meditation – Introduction course – Level 1
Śrī Yantra Painting Meditation – In-Depth – Level 2
Śrī Yantra Drawing – Level 3
Painting Meditation with various deity groups – Introduction course – Level 1


– 9 fully drawn and painted Śrī-yantras. You are allowed to finish them during the teacher training.
– creative practise of colouring with aqarell coloured pencils, crayons and pastel. You can choose freely from our extended offer of deity colouring cards and books available at the art studio in SPN or at the online bhakti shop.

The training will be lead by Swamini Dakshini with support from a team of painting meditation teachers. The training will take place at the art studio in Shree Peetha Nilaya (in-person) and over Zoom.

Please note!
– You must participate in the 1-week teacher training personally, it is not enough to watch the recordings. It is possible to miss a maximum ONE day of the live training.