Giving is a gift that keeps on giving

Bhakti Marga serves the needs of our growing international family and spreads the message of devotion to God and Divine Love throughout the world. With your donation to the Bhakti Marga Yoga gGmbH, you support the building up and sustaining of Bhakti Marga Temples and Centres worldwide, creating places where God is venerated and celebrated, devotees can meet for prayers, chanting, devotional singing and satsang, can experience physical and spiritual wellbeing and are able to get in touch with their own Divine Self.

To donate, please select an amount and then click on “continue” for your donation to the Bhakti Marga Yoga gGmbH.

For your donation, you can receive a confirmation of donations for tax assertion (exemption) in Germany on request, in this case please send an e-mail to: