The following is an important message that Guruji wanted to be sent out to all Initiated Devotees

Jai Gurudev,
Kindly watch this video to understand the importance of learning Guruji’s key teachings within Bhakti Marga. We should all take this responsibility seriously. It’s a significant aspect of our commitment to Guruji as His devotees.
We are announcing this now because we are working on a new platform which will be coming to your countries in the next months, fulfilling Guruji’s wish that we educate ourselves.

We are making the learning process much easier for everyone by delivering all the teachings that Guruji wants us to know via this specific platform.

Much love,
Your Swami/nis of Bhakti Marga

Please do not share this page with others who are not initiated devotees and outside of specific Telegram groups for devotees.
Thank you.